Inert Insecticides

Diaguard® has unique characteristics which make it ideal for use as an inert, environmentally safe, non-harmful insecticide. Using a mechanical action, Diaguard® kills insects through abrasion and absorption.

Diaguard® is a freshwater, "Food Grade", white diatomaceous earth. It has a very high silica content which enables it to literally cut through insects waxy outer layer, and due to the high porosity and hence, high absorbency of the material, it then absorbs the waxy fats and oils (lipids) of the insect, dessicating them. Insects therefore die due to dehydration.

Diaguard® has been used in pest control for 10 years and has proven to be highly effective in controlling crawling insects.

  • Diaguard® is light and easily clings to the bodies of insects as they walk and crawl over it. The tiny sharp diatoms then cut the waxy coating of insects and they eventually dry out and die.
  • Soft bodied crawling insects die within 48 hours of first coming into contact with Diaguard®.
  • Insects cannot build up an immunity to Diaguard® due to its mechanical mode of action.
  • Diaguard® is pet safe and will not harm family members with weak immune systems or chemical sensitivity. It is a highly efficient non-toxic alternative to pesticides.

How to Apply:

  • For indoor use: lightly coat a thin layer in areas where earwigs, millipedes, centipedes, silverfish, cockroaches and ants are found or travel through.
  • Diaguard® can be used behind and beneath refrigerators, kitchen cabinets, stoves, rubbish bins, dustbins and in or around sewers and drainpipes.
  • For outdoor use: lightly coat a thin layer where ants, cockroaches, earwigs and other insects are found. Areas such as backyards, windows, door frames, foundations, along ant trails and outdoor pipes and drains.
  • This treatment is not a chemical, so it does not break down or become less effective over time. You only need to reapply it when the weather washes away or blows away Diaguard®. During spring and summer, when heavy rainstorms occur frequently and bugs are active, it is a good idea to treat your backyard once a month or once every two months for maximum effectiveness.

How safe is Diaguard®:

Diaguard® is a "Codex" or "Food Grade" diatomaceous earth. What this means is that it complies with strict FDA requirements which deem it safe for human and animal consumption. When using any diatomaceous earth product around humans or animals it is always preferable to use a “Codex” standard DE.

For DE to be called "Codex" or "Food Grade", it must meet the following requirements:

Item Requirements Diaguard® Typical Values
Arsenic (ppm) <10ppm <3ppm
Lead (ppm) <10ppm <5ppm
Non-Siliceous Substance % <25% <9%
PH Passes test 7.2
Loss on Drying % 10% max 4.5%
Loss on Ignition % 7% max. on dry basis 2%

WARNING: "Non-Codex" DE can and often do contain high levels of heavy metals and crystalline silicas, both of which are unsafe for animal or human consumption.
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