High Performance Soil Amendments

Due to it's natural absorbency, porosity and water retention JJS Minerals Co. diatomaceous earth can be applied as a soil amendment. Diahydro® High Performance Soil Amendment is granulated and calcined at high temperatures in order to maximise its benefits.

Key Benefits of Diahydro® High Performance Soil Amendment:

  • High porosity.
  • High water retention.
  • Lower bulk density than other soil amendments.
  • Buffering of soil temperature.
  • Improves roots.
  • Maintains structure/does not compact.
  • Decreases number of pathogens in soil.
  • Flushes salts from soil.
  • High silica strengthens roots.

How does Diahydro® work?

  • Diahydro® is an indispensable ally in obtaining a quality lawn (it provides air and saves water).
  • Diahydro® is an inorganic, natural and ecological soil amendment made from 100% calcined diatomite.
  • Thanks to the very unique structure at a microscopic level, Diahydro® High Performance Soil Amendment stores and regulates the air and water in the soil as well as providing them as needed to the plant. Diatomite is a naturally porous material, comprised of various micro-compartments which enable the material to act as a sponge.

Seasonal uses for Diahydro® as a Soil Amendment:

  • In the summer, Diahydro® acts like millions of sponges. It’s storing capacity is 130% (in % of dry weight) and it's capacity of water restitution to the plant is 94%. Furthermore, Diahydro® allows an even distribution of water in the soil thus reducing watering needs.
  • In the winter, Diahydro® brings air into the soil which ensures the development of deep roots, improves draining properties, maintains the population of useful micro-organisms and buffers soil temperatures.


  • Creation of sport lawns in natural turf.
  • Refurbishement, improvement of the sensitive areas (bad draining, shade areas or, inversely, too permeable soils).
  • The use of Diahydro® is also very useful for all green spaces (arboretums, trees, gardens).


  • In creation, mechanical mixing in the top 15 cm of the substrate by using 2kg of Diahydro® by m².
  • During maintenance work, application of Diahydro® during an aeration, with 300 to 500 gr per m².

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