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For over 8 years JJS Minerals has been supplying DE into the horticultural industry in the form of Diahydro® Growing Media. No natural product on the market can currently compete with our DE in terms of silica content and purity or silica delivery/uptake by plants (18-20%). Silica is a highly beneficial nutrient for plants as it strengthens cell walls and leads to healthier, stronger and more robust plants.

Diahydro® growing media acts as a shield against aphids and is currently used by commercial growers of basil and other crops.

Diahydro® growing media is a high silica diatomaceous earth which does not break down, is highly absorbent and is a PH neutral alternative to clay pebbles, rock wool and other medias.

Diahydro® growing media is 100% reusable and will not break down. The economic benefits to growers of not having to replace media are obvious.

Diahydro® offers numerous other benefits such as:

  • Optimal thermal conditioning at the root level (temperature swings will not affect plant growth).
  • Will not agglomerate due to it’s multi-faceted structure.
  • Has a high cation-anion exchange.
  • Protection from crawling insects.
  • Chemically inert.
  • Naturally occurring nutrient content. Plants will grow in Diahydro® and minimum moisture alone, without need for nutrients.
  • 100% natural growing media.
  • As Diahydro® is an inert mineral medium it is sterile and free from disease and seeds.
  • High plant-available silica leads to stronger healthier plants.

All the above benefits translate into proven results, better yields, more robust growth, stronger roots and an overall faster rate of growth in plants grown in Diahydro® as and when compared to traditional growing medias.

In side by side comparisons, Diahydro® outperformed clay pebbles. After just 2 weeks plants grown in Diahydro® demonstrated 4x more growth than plants grown in clay pebbles.

Diahydro© as a growing media for Orchids:

Growers worldwide have discovered that orchids grown in diatomaceous earth grow and bloom faster than in other medias.

Diahydro® does not break down, is pH neutral and cannot be overwatered. Add to this the fact that it is a natural insecticide and is effective in preventing insect infestation in the first place and you have the perfect growing media for orchids.
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