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Sourcing and Logistics

We source from our own deposits. We are a direct source.

We aim to meet our client's exact needs and partner with manufacturers and service providers to create custom solutions in terms of packaging and freight requirements.

With stocks in Europe and a main supply hub in South America we are positioned to supply both European markets and the American continent at relatively short notice.

Quantities above 8 metric tonnes are shipped by sea. Anything below this quantity is supplied via our UK deposits (European orders).

We only source freshwater, 'Food Grade' Diatomite.

We only source from "Food Grade", freshwater, diatomaceous earth deposits. Many diatomaceous earth suppliers claim that the material they are supplying is safe and complies with the general consensus of what a safe diatomaceous earth should be.

Our material is always low in crystalline silica, high in amorphous silica and low in lead and arsenic. Claims that amorphous silicas are dangerous are unfounded.

Our material is always low in heavy metals such as lead and arsenic.

Our material has a neutral pH of 7. Many non-white diatomaceous earth products have an acidic pH. This does not comply with the general scientific consensus of what a safe "Food Grade" diatomaceous earth should be.
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