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Social and Environmental Policy

We are concerned about preserving the environment. We are well aware that our work must be carried out with respect for the environment and minimising any impact we have on it.

One of the most important aims of ours is to have a positive effect on the areas from which we source our materials and a long term relationship with the communities which make up these areas.

Fundamental to this aim, is an environmentally and socially responsible management of our operation. A system that is based on:

  • Continuous improvement in environmental performance.
  • Provision of a stimulating, clean and secure environment for our staff.
  • Promotion of environmental awareness amongst our staff and suppliers.
  • Demonstration of environmentally responsible behaviour through:
    • - Preventing pollution of the environment.
    • - Conserving the use of scarce resources.
    • - Minimising waste generation.
  • Demonstration of socially responsible behaviour through:
    • - Involving ourselves in sustainable community projects that contribute to social upliftment.
    • - Creating business linkages that support local enterprises.
    • - Developing our staff to maximise their potential.
  • Complying with all the relevant national, provincial and local health, environmental and safety legislation.
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